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大量四位短域名甩卖,低价出售,先到先得,未单独标价的,统一价格人民币6000, 非诚勿扰!
qq: 150040366
phone: +86 18696685336
mail: 150040366@qq.com
All domains list below are for sale with same price, only CNY 6000.00 or USD 999.00, except priced separately:
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147776.com 208323.com 9999 365918.cc 51baoguang.com 7kcy.com chineseflash.com
coolrw.com crazyhack.com huoguoba.com xajh.info xbcy.org 17name.com
SeeABC.com 880000 okbbs.com 180000 CEOer.com 200000 rootroot.com 350000 jh2000.com 100000 null
Priced separately with CNY;
We can accept payment method: Paypal, Alipay or both sides recognized domain trade market;
Discount 10% only for over 5 domains; Max discount 20% only for over 10 domains.